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Spring Cleaning



To thank our self-proclaimed N&S addicts and long-time customers, we are bringing back a very popular promotion - Spring Cleaning! Spring Cleaning is an opportunity for you to refresh your N&S collection. From April 16th-30th, we want you to send us your earrings! For each pair of leather earrings that you send back to us, you will receive a $5 credit to your Nickel & Suede online account.

If you have a favorite staple pair that needs replacing - send them in. If you have stained, spotted, or bent earrings - send them in. If you own colors that you never wear or have earrings that have lost their buddy - send them in. We’re all human – we know life happens. We created Spring Cleaning for YOU!


Here’s how to get yourself one step closer to fresh, new leather earrings:

  1. Create an N&S Account here. Already have one? Great! Make sure you know the email associated with your account and can log into it.

  2. Fill out the form below.

  3. Print the email. You will receive an email with a summary of your responses. Please print the email and include it as you send your earrings to us. Don’t forget this step - this is how we will credit your account!

  4. Send us your earrings. We will email you once we have received your earrings and credited your account with the correct amount.


Ship your earrings to:

Nickel and Suede

ATTN: Spring Cleaning

101 W. Schrader St.

Liberty, MO 64068


Are you a local customer? Or just have more questions? Find out more below.





What do I receive in exchange for my earrings?

You will receive $5 in Nickel and Suede store credit for each pair of earrings you send in. This store credit can be used towards any future N&S online purchase!


How do I ship my earrings back to you?

Whatever way is easiest for you! Please ship your package to:


Nickel and Suede

ATTN:. Spring Cleaning

101 W. Schrader St.

Liberty, MO 64068


You do not need to include any original packaging. Please be sure to include a copy of your Spring Cleaning confirmation email within your package, so we are able to apply the correct credit.

*Please be sure the postage is adequate, or the package/envelope will be returned to you by the mail carriers. If you are sending many pairs, we recommend purchasing delivery confirmation for your package.


How will I know I received my credit?

We will email you when we've received your earrings and your credit has been posted to your online N&S account.


I’m a local customer, can I bring my earrings into the store?

Yes! Our store will be accepting earrings April 16th-April 30th, 2018. For every pair of N&S earrings you bring to us, you will receive a $5 in-store credit that will be redeemable that same day!


Is there a limit to how many pairs of earrings I can send in for credit?

No, but your package must be postmarked between April 16th, 2018 and April 30th, 2018 to receive credit.


I lost an earring and I couldn't get a replacement; can I get credit for sending in a single earring?

Yes! You will receive a $5 credit for one single earring or one well-loved pair.


My dog ate my earrings…can I still get N&S store credit?

Yes, because we know this happens. Limit one pair/dog excuse per customer, please. :) Just leave us a note in the Other Comments box on the form.


Can I send in leather earrings from other makers for N&S store credit?

Good question! We are happy that you recognize a difference and are willing to trade-in and trade-up! We will accept leather earrings that are not N&S as a part of Spring Cleaning.


Can I send in earrings that are still in good condition?

Yes! If you have colors, styles, or sizes that you don’t wear as much or haven’t worn at all, please send those too! You will still get $5 for each pair you send us, no matter what condition.


Does my credit expire?

Online store credit will not expire.

Local customers typically use their credit the same day. If you do not use your credit, you will be issued an in-store gift card to come back and use at a later date.


Do I need to send in proof of purchase?

No. Just follow the instructions above!


Does Spring Cleaning apply to cuffs or any other N&S products?

No. Spring Cleaning is for earrings only.


Is my store credit redeemable for cash or a refund to my card?

No. You will receive N&S online store credit if you mail them into us.

Or, you will receive N&S in-store credit if you bring them to our store.


I hit submit already, but I found more leather earrings I want to send in. What should I do? 

You can only submit the form one time. If you have more leather earrings to send in, please contact us at info@nickelandsuede.com.  


Is this going to be a regular event?

This is our third year of running Spring Cleaning. We hope to keep it around!


I love my earrings and don't want to send them in for credit.

That’s ok! We're so happy you love them!



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