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Product Care


How do I care for my earrings?

To keep your Nickel & Suede leather earrings and cuffs in great condition it is best to hang them up or lay them flat for storage. Store your jewelry outside of the bathroom and keep it clear from any water, makeup or hair products. Your Nickel & Suede accessories should be the last thing you put on after getting ready for your day.

All of our products have been treated with a protective sealant to help them stay looking their best. Most of our earrings can be wiped clean with a damp cloth but be careful because water can discolor some of our lighter leathers. The suede earrings can also be discolored with water so care should be taken. For most cleaning needs, a slightly damp Magic Eraser will be sufficient- even on suede. If an earring gets bent, it can be flattened with a barely warm iron by covering the earring with a cloth or towel and lightly steaming the leather part of the earring (avoiding the hooks) to flatten it. 

We recommend against using essential oils on your leather jewelry. Oils will discolor some leathers and cannot be removed. 

How do I care for my fedora?

Spot clean your wool fedora with a damp cloth. Brush lightly with a lint brush. To fix a dent or bend in your wool hat, use a steamer for 30 - 60 seconds to restore your hat to its original shape. Wipe any excess moisture off the hat with a clean cloth. Leave to completely dry before wearing. To prevent color fading, avoid long periods of sun exposure to your wool hat. 

For any other questions or concerns, email us at info@nickelandsuede.com.

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