Orchid Sunburst Nova Leather Earring | Nickel and Suede
Orchid Sunburst Nova Leather Earring | Nickel and Suede

N&S Select Orchid Sunburst Nova Leather Earrings

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Lightweight/most firm
14kt gold-filled ear wire. Nickel-free.
Small (2") | Medium (2.25")
Patent Pending 


We're never quite sure to call our N&S Select Orchid leather pink or purple, but we can call it a crowd-pleaser. This firm, smooth leather is of the highest quality and can be used as both a purple and a pink to incorporate vibrance and color into your spring and summer wardrobe. Featuring stunning metallic gold details stamped by hand right here in our headquarters facility, these Sunburst Nova earrings marry lightweight leather's comfort with heavy-hitting aesthetic. This style can be dressed as a boho statement, a glamorous touch of color, or a statement all its own. Dress her up or down, she's ready to elevate your look for hours on end, and you'll never notice she's there (except for when you're complimented).


Small | Medium
See the full size chart for more details.


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