Nickel & Suede CONFIDENCE Candle And Lid
Nickel & Suede CONFIDENCE Candle Without Lid
Nickel & Suede CONFIDENCE Candle With Lid

N&S Confidence Candle

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Bring out the boldness of your space with Nickel & Suede's exclusive CONFIDENCE candle. Bursting with lemon zest, apple blossom, white strawberry, Anjou pear and white nectarine, this candle is unapologetic in its bright and cheerful scent. Inspiring in its ability to just be itself, our CONFIDENCE candle happily shares its light and positive aura. Nestled in a sleek black ceramic container with a wooden lid, CONFIDENCE can stand out on its own as a statement piece or blend in well with any home decor. The extra wide ribbon-like wick offers a warm and encouraging glow while effectively melting its high quality wax blend.

15oz. Cotton and paper wick. Soy and paraffin wax. 4" in diameter. For the most efficient burn, burn this candle at least one hour for every inch of the container diameter.