Customer Service Associate- Liberty, MO

Who we are:

At Nickel and Suede, we believe that trying something new can change your life. We are all about inspiring women to be brave, to be bold and to step out of their comfort zone. We believe that being brave helps us all discover our unique voices and to be our authentic, best selves. One small act of courage leads to another. Courage is contagious!


The Customer Service (CS) team is at the heart of Nickel & Suede. CS touches the business in two very important ways.

  • The CS team is the face of the company, and customers’ experiences will be defined by the skill and quality of the support/experience they receive. The goal is to not only offer excellent customer service, but to focus on giving the customer an amazing experience. CS should be proactive in helping the customer by pre-empting any possible questions or issues and delight them by providing excellent service.
  • An outstanding customer experience is one that keeps customers coming back, while spreading the word about their experience. The CS team will ensure that this experience is one that will transform a new customer into a loyal customer.
  • CS also plays an important role in the feedback loop between N&S and the customer. CS has the important job of listening, observing, and collecting information to pass back to the organization about the customer’s experience, preferences, feedback and more. CS is in a prime position to be continually learning from the customer and passing over information that will improve the business.

Who are we looking for?

  • Candidates that are proactive and constantly looking for ways to learn more
  • Candidates that are teachable and can find their own answers
  • Candidates with great people skills while staying calm under pressure
  • Candidates who can juggle multiple competing priorities
  • Candidates who can think through an issue and come up with a plan
  • This role is largely tactical with some strategic thinking involved. N&S can reach more customers if the CS agent stays engaged on social media and is available on all channels.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Customer Service Associate (Immediate Responsibilities)
  • Normal Work Hours : 9 am to 5 pm
  • Respond to all emails, chats and phone calls in the same day or no later than the next 24-hours
  • Phone calls and chats should not last longer than 3 to 5 minutes (de-escalation)
  • Email responses should be completed in 3 minutes or less
  • Have a knowledge of Big Commerce, Ship Station and our payment systems
  • Process all returns and refunds
  • Pull relevant data from each of the systems and create reports to provide visibility
  • Communicate regarding quality, customer feedback and the customer desires and/or wants
  • Available and flexible over weekends, during launches or promotions and our busy season
  • Available to arrive early during promotions and/or special launches
  • Prepare emails that will proactively communicate any shipping delays (4+ days since order date)
  • Update the Training Handbook as needed
  • Update FAQ’s, Policies and Procedures as needed
  • Maintain good communication with the Marketing team regarding upcoming promotions
  • Pre-empt possible questions with every launch and convert them into FAQs
  • Handle difficult customer calls with a professional, calm and respectful demeanor
  • Manage CS hours in our telephone system
  • Must be skilled in MS Excel
  • Customer Experience Lead
  • Once N&S Customer Service Associate is trained, we would like for the candidate to transition over to a Lead position
  • Expert in Zendesk – Ensure capabilities are fully utilized and maximize the use by automation
  • Expert in Aftership – Review Exceptions and reach out to customers and be proactive to correct the issue before it becomes apparent to the customer. Provide visibility if there are service delays.
  • Expert in Ring Central – Manage office hours, voicemail messaging etc.
  • Reach out to shipment carriers to resolve any logistical or distribution issues
  • Knowledge of Heartland (Store order process)
  • Active engagement on social media platforms with BFF’s, new customers and potential customers
  • Suggestive Selling - Offering product knowledge, answering questions, thanking customers who live the N&S values and be a brand ambassador online. (Minimum 2 slots of 30 minutes/day)
  • Proactively follow up with customers who have had a negative experience to ensure they are engaged with N&S
  • Help to improve customer retention, converting customers to our BFF group
  • Help TEST the website prior to big launches and pre-empt questions
  • First call Resolution (One Touch Resolution) – A customer’s needs should be handled in one contact. This can be accomplished with excellent product and system knowledge. Paying close attention to detail and having a knowledge of N&S product details will be vital.
  • Training other CS associates
  • Metrics to be measured
  • Attendance / Punctuality (Tardiness)
  • Average Handle Time – Average time to handle any interaction
  • Interactions received per day
  • Interactions abandoned
  • Service level or Speed of Answer – (Emails must be answered in 24 hours; Phone calls must not be missed - if missed must be promptly returned; Chats must not be missed – if missed must be returned – less than 24 hours)

Our Ideal Candidate will have

  • A positive attitude
  • Adaptability to fast pace environment or quick changes in daily plan/goals
  • Willingness to help where needed
  • Accountability and attention to deal
  • Great work ethic and team spirit
  • Self-starter, dependable and takes ownership
  • Desire to learn, grow and embrace new ideas

The Good Stuff

  • Everyday 50% discount on select products.
  • Paid holidays
  • Paid Time Off
  • Health Benefits offered
  • Discounted Gym membership


Send a short bio and a copy of your most up to date resume to