Camel Mosaic Leather Earrings 
Sterling silver ear wire
Camel Mosaic Leather Earrings
Camel Mosaic Leather Earrings

Camel Mosaic Leather Earrings

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These earrings are a light brown color with a unique mosaic pattern on the front. The color is the same on the front and back of the earrings, but the pattern does not continue onto the backs for the earrings. 

Genuine leather is the unexpectedly perfect material for redefining the statement earring. Leather earrings are ultra-lightweight, flexible, and so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing them. Our classic teardrop design flatters every face shape and hair style ensuring constant compliments every time you wear them.  It's no wonder our customers call them life-changing.


Sterling silver ear wire. Nickel-free.

Available in Small, Medium and Large  Wondering which size to choose? See our size chart.