Get In The Spirit: Holiday Earrings For All Winter Wardrobes

11 06 2019

Get In The Spirit: Holiday Earrings For All Winter Wardrobes

The pieces cultivated for our In The Spirit Collection offer a bold shine that will make a statement all winter long. From lightweight earrings in beautiful metallics to bold and eye-catching accessories in reds and greens, our holiday collection is all about standing out in the crowd.

Whether you pair our In The Spirit styles with a gold dress for a night out or a glass of champagne at midnight, you’ll love the bold features of our holiday collection.

New Arrivals | Nickel & Suede

In The Spirit Collection | Leather Earrings

Dance The Night Away

Our lightweight earrings make it easy to dance all night long. Pair our Afterglow Leather Earrings with a glitzy dress and simple heels to complete the perfect outfit for any event. And our Gold Quartz teardrop earrings are an attention-grabbing addition to your favorite black dress if you prefer a little more glamour with your night out.

Afterglow Leather Earrings    Gold Quartz Leather Earrings

Gold Quartz Leather Earrings    Afterglow Leather Earrings

Gold Quartz Leather Earrings

New stud earring styles like our Marquise Climber Earrings have a flair of floral (because floral for winter is groundbreaking). With simple studs, you can easily accent any outfit and let that sparkling dress do the talking.

Go Geometric In Nouveau

We’re channeling our inner Daisy Buchanan with these Great Gatsby inspired looks that are equally glamorous as they are fun. The geometric patterns and metallic hues of our Nouveau Teardrop earrings are straight from the Roaring ’20s and are ideal for both a formal affair or a night out with your girls. We offer this style in burgundy and silver, burgundy and gold, navy and silver, and navy and gold.

For a simplistic geometric look, we love our new Gem Cluster stud earrings. With three unique gems arranged in a small group, these cute earrings are unlike any other stud. In this case, even small makes a statement.

New Holiday Earrings | Nickel & Suede    Holiday Accessories | Nickel & Suede

Dare To Be Bold

At Nickel & Suede, we’re all about encouraging women to be confident and experiment with style. When you dare to wear bold colors and styles, you make a statement, inviting other women to do the same.

Our Spruce Teardrop Leather Earrings and Spruce Luna styles offer a bright pop of green color to inspire your holiday season. For an even bolder look, try our Select Crimson Beau with Gold Circle Post earrings in a seasonal and bright, bold red color, paired with our Select Crimson Thin Cuff.

New Arrivals | Nickel & Suede    Select Crimson Beau Leather Earrings

Shine Bright

This collection is all about shine. From subtle glimmers to metallic hues, our holiday earrings will get you noticed for all the right reasons. This collection features silver, gold, and other metallics that shine as bright as you do.

New Arrivals | Nickel & Suede

Our Vanilla Shimmer Nova Leather Earrings offer a unique twist to our other nova style earrings. With a beautiful texture and a taupe shiny color, you can wear this staple with both gold and silver for the holiday season. Not to mention this is November's featured Earring of the Month which you can snag for $18 this month only.

Vanilla Shimmer Leather Earrings | Neutral, metallic, lightweight

Vanilla Shimmer Nova Leather Earrings | Nickel & Suede

There’s nothing we love more than the holiday season and the shine it brings with it.

In The Spirit Collection | Leather Earrings