Hello From The N&S Blog

10 30 2018

We’ve been waiting for the perfect time to start the N&S Blog and thought to ourselves “what better time than the holidays?” It’s one of our favorite times of the year (partially because of the sweet treats and yummy dinners ahead) where we get to cozy up in our big sweaters and leggings and spend quality time with friends and family. Not to mention there are so many “extras” we want to share with all of you, our N&S fam. So here it is! The blog is finally up and we are so excited about it. Some might ask why a blog? Why now? What can we look forward to reading about? Keep on reading to find out more. 

Nickel & Suede Blog- Hello From The N&S Blog

We love to share as much as possible with our N&S fam and wanted another platform to do so (rather than just in Instagram captions and newsletters) where we could show more of our never before seen photos and videos. The N&S Blog will have exclusive content that you can’t find anywhere else including DIY projects, styling tips from us, travel diaries, gift ideas, and so much more! Each new season will bring a different twist to the blog topics that we feature; so look forward to constant newness and relevant topics to follow along with.

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Nickel & Suede Blog- Hello From The N&S Blog

Dark-haired woman getting her makeup done