Gift Guide 2018

12 10 2018

Merry (almost) Christmas N&S fam! We have one important question to ask, "Where has the year gone?!" We can't believe that 2018 has almost come to an end (almost is the keyword here). Let us be the first to tell you that with all of the hustle and bustle in full swing here at the office, each and every day has flown by! With less and less time to shop for our friends and family, we're starting to feel the pressure of the fast-approaching holiday season. This has us thinking that our N&S family is probably feeling the same stress level setting in. That being said, we're here to help! 

We've taken the guesswork out of holiday shopping and have put together our list of must-have Nickel & Suede accessories and what to pair with them for your gifting needs. From best friends to co-workers and moms to teachers, we've got a little something special for everyone on your list. Keep reading to see what we've picked out and for who! 

For your Best Friend:

We all have that one super trendy, always looking cute, girly kind of friend that is so hard to shop for. Here's our trick; stick to neutrals! Keeping a soft and muted color palette lets your BFF put her own twist on everyday pieces that she'll find herself going back to day after day. Take these easy (yet definitely stylish) accessories and accompany them with items perfect for a "girls night in" kind of evening. 

(1) Gold Leaf Disc Statement Leather Earrings (2) Ivory Rancher (3) Blank Canvas Leather Earrings (4) Gold Leaf Wide Leather Cuff (5) Rosé Accent Leather Earrings (6) Gray Fleece Joggers

Nickel & Suede - Gift Guide 2018

For your Mom:

Where to begin?! How do you shop for someone so important, so influential? The "always there for you" kind of lady, no matter right or wrong. You may try to subtly ask questions that will give you clues as to what she wants for the holidays. You might also find yourself directly asking the question only to receive the simple response "Don't worry about me. I already have everything I need". Challenge accepted! Make this year the year that you treat your mom to something she wouldn't otherwise treat herself to. Our tip for all the moms on your holiday shopping list: keep it simple, feminine, practical and a little sentimental. 

(1) Gold Cork Leather Earrings (2) N&S Gray Tee (3) Navy Baby Leather Earrings (4) Teardrop Silver Stud Earrings (5) N&S Winter Fir + Clove Candle (6) Evergreen Knit Leather Earrings (7) Silver Leaf Wide Leather Cuff 

Nickel & Suede - Gift Guide 2018

For a Teacher: 

Thank goodness for teachers! They are such miracle workers and deserve so much credit for what they do. There's no better time of year to spoil the teacher in your life than the holidays. We love the idea of giving her a little something for herself and something for the classroom/work life. Keep things fun and functional!

(1) Triangle Minimalist Silver Ring (2) Pink Pepper Cord Leather Earrings (3) Going West Stud Set (4) Rosé Wide Leather Cuff (5) Silver Leaf Leather Earrings (6) N&S Glossy White Water Bottle (7) Rosé Gem Leather Earrings

Nickel & Suede - Gift Guide 2018

For your Co-worker:

Aka our second family in some cases! We spend so much time with many of our co-workers that it wouldn't feel right to omit them from the season of giving. We recommend keeping each gift tailored to each individual personality! Simple accessories in their favorite colors are bound to be a huge hit! 

(1) Heather Knit Leather Earrings (2) Turquoise Pear Sterling Silver Ring (3) Silver Leaf Wide Leather Cuff (4) Silver Lining Leather Earrings (5) Silver Leaf Nova Leather Earrings (6) Glacier Knit Leather Earrings

Nickel & Suede - Gift Guide 2018

For your Boss: 

We definitely saved the most difficult for last with this one! Shopping for your boss can be tricky and a little daunting. Take a little time to think about simple yet versatile pieces that she'll put to good use. Consider pieces that are transitional from season to season as well as day to night. Simply showing your appreciation for all of their hard work will go a long way, keeping in mind that it's the thought that counts the most. 

(1) Gold Rush Disc Statement Leather Earrings (2) N&S Winter Fir + Clove Candle (3) Merlot Leather Earrings (4) Gold Leaf Wide Leather Cuff (5) Cheetah Cork Gem Leather Earrings

Nickel & Suede - Gift Guide 2018

We wish you and your family a happy holiday! 

- Nickel & Suede