Follow The Sun

06 10 2019

Are you ready for some fun in the sun? We know we are! Our newest capsule of leather earrings, Follow The Sun, was inspired by the warm summer days - bringing in more warm and muted tones to accompany any and all of your summer plans. We're swapping out the hot pink and bright turquoise from our last capsule for soft shades of off-white and nude with a splash of royal blue and citron. These new arrivals are sure to do more than just complement your look, they'll complete it - Shop Now

Follow The Sun | Nickel & Suede Leather Earrings

All New Novas

We know so many of you ladies love your Novas - and so do we! So we couldn't help but to give you all a few more options for summer. We brought back some of our favorite leathers including natural, orange, and red but reinvented them in this favorite shape. 

Nickel & Suede | Nova Leather Earrings

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Antique Brass Nova Leather Earrings    Select Orange Nova Leather Earrings

Select Red Nova Leather Earrings

New Summer Statements

Our statement post leather earring styles have been a HUGE hit among all of you ladies during our last few new releases. From the Luna Leather Earrings (yes, we'll be restocking them again) to the Tortoise Post Statement Earrings, we love that you all love the new and even more bold styles. This season, we're updating our tortoise post to a wood one in the same feminine oval shape - with two pops of color and one neutral to choose from.   

Wood Post Leather Earrings | Nickel & Suede

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Brown Bloch Leather Earrings with Wood Post    Santorini Bloch Leather Earrings with Wood Post

Brown Bloch Leather Earrings with Wood Post    Citron Bloch Leather Earrings with Wood Post

Bangles and Bags

We have big news - bangles are back! We are so excited for all of you to give our Wood Bangle Sets a try and style them with your favorite summer dress or t-shirt and shorts combo. Perfect to dress up or keep casual for any summer occasion. Each set comes with a trio of bangles so you can mix and match, wear them all together, or split them up!

If you're anything like us you're constantly searching for the perfect everyday bag - something that is great for all occasions, both daytime and nighttime, that is just the right size (to avoid overstuffing and a sore shoulder). We've taken our new Truffle Bags for a spin and think they check all of the requirement boxes.


Warm Sand Leather Earrings

Would you look at that texture! Our Warm Sand Leather Earrings are limited this season (we're expecting them to sell out very quickly) - if you love them we don't suggest waiting! This pretty honey shade of brown has a subtle chevron texture running throughout. This color looks amazing with all skin tones and pairs well with neutral summery fabrics. 

Warm Sand Leather Earrings | Nickel & Suede