Born To Bloom

02 19 2019

The Black Luna Leather Earrings

Born To Bloom | February Capsule

This month, we're taking statement earrings to an entirely new level. We're fully embracing the idea of coming into our own and feeling confident - both inside and out. We couldn't think of anything better than fresh blooms to inspire the eclectic styles within the capsule. Each individual style is meant to help transform your confidence from a small bud into a full blossom, utilizing everyday style staples and refining them with the right finishing touches. 

Born To Bloom Capsule

(Dove Gray BlossomBlack LunaBorn To Bloom SweatshirtBare Pink Blossom)

Style Breakdown

The Black Luna

We're welcoming the new season with a standout statement leather earring that incorporates a unique resin piece with our classic leather. This pair is just as lightweight as our classic styles with an added touch of boldness. The Black Luna Leather Earrings are so versatile and can be easily dressed up or down. And, since the resin piece has a variety of different colors, it can effortlessly be paired with a variety of colors (say, in your favorite sweaters). 

The Black Luna Leather Earrings

The Black Luna Leather Earrings     The Black Luna Leather Earrings

Dove Gray Blossom 

We gave our social media community their first glimpse of this style over this past weekend and we were overwhelmed with positive feedback! All of you made it clear that you've been in need of a true gray leather earring option and we couldn't be more thrilled to have delivered on this. Plus, the fact that it is featured in a bold and fun texture is the true cherry on top. 

Dove Gray Leather Earrings     Dove Gray Leather Earrings

Dove Gray Leather Earrings

Bare Pink Blossom

There's no better time of year than the springtime to showcase a pretty dusty pink shade. Made from our super soft and flexible leather, this pair of statement leather earrings has a similar look and feel to that of the Groves, Cords, and Knits. The geometric pressed pattern adds a fun and youthful touch that is perfect for daytime. 

Bare Pink Blossom Leather Earrings

Bare Pink Blossom Leather Earrings     Bare Pink Blossom Leather Earrings

Born To Bloom Crewneck Sweatshirt

We've missed a little N&S apparel in our lives and couldn't be happier to bring out another one of our favorite crewneck sweatshirts! With an updated slogan to keep you motivated, this cute and comfy sweatshirt is a must-have for busy weekends on the go (not to mention the cozy nights spent inside). Want to know our favorite part? It can be paired with each and every Nickel & Suede style. We love the pop of animal print using the Cheetah Cork Leather Earrings

Born To Bloom Crewneck Sweatshirt     Born To Bloom Crewneck Sweatshirt

Born To Bloom Crewneck Sweatshirt

Our Other Favorites This Season

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Spotted Cork Leather Earrings

Spotted Cork Leather Earrings     Spotted Cork Leather Earrings

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