Autumn Reverie Collection

10 11 2019

Fall collection leather earrings

Autumn Reverie Collection: Dreamy Fall Earrings & Accessories

Reverie: a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream.

Autumn is a time for transitions. The leaves change from green to yellow to orange, days become shorter and nights become cooler, and sleeveless tops are traded in for scarves and sweaters.

Our Autumn Reverie Collection celebrates the simple beauty of the fall season. With colors like browns and reds and accents in beautiful metallics, pieces from our fall collection are bound to be some of your new favorite fall accessories.

New Arrivals | Nickel & Suede

New Arrivals | Nickel & Suede

Autumn Reverie features

Natural colors

As a midwest-based company, we know a thing or two about autumn colors. The colors of our Autumn Reverie collection highlights the natural hues found during fall in the midwest: warm browns, rich reds, and simple taupes.

Whether you’re wearing a sweater dress or a sweatshirt, these natural colors and styles—like our Sangria Suede Leather Earrings and Blank Canvas Luna—will complement your natural beauty and add an essence of warmth to your fall style.

Lightweight Leather Earrings | N&S

N&S fall collection leather earrings

Warm metallic hues

One of our favorite features of this fall earring collection is the use of metallic accents and bronze leaf prints. Bronze has been used in jewelry for over 3,000 years due to its timeless essence, but as a material, it’s heavy and bulky—not ideal for modern jewelry. To give our lightweight earrings the timeless look and feel of bronze jewelry without the heavy weight, we use a beautiful, shimmering bronze leaf in our fall collection.

Bronze is flattering for nearly all skin tones and its warm earthy color pairs well with most outfits and styles, making it an excellent versatile earring option for those who want more for less. Pair our Bronze Leaf Slit Cuff with our unique Bronze Leaf Gem Leather Earrings for a dreamy boho date night outfit that’s sure to impress.

Metallic leather statement earrings

Retro styles

Vintage style is back in fashion and we love the endless opportunities it offers. Our Autumn Reverie Collection features creative, retro styles that add interest to any wardrobe, like our Navy Baby Nova circular cut-out earrings and our unique gem earring shape in Merlot Gem.And our Silver Geo Stud Earrings offer the perfect mix of classic and cool to give your fall outfit a one-of-a-kind vintage flair. Whether you’re into the ‘60s style from Mad Men or Lana Del Ray’s glamorous and effortless style, our retro earrings are the perfect option for you.

Navy Baby Nova Leather Earrings | N&S    Navy Baby Nova Leather Earrings | N&S

Simple statements

Like the beauty of fall, our autumn earring collection highlights the grace and charm of fall through simple designs that make a statement. Our new half-circle earring design features gold discs and a unique shape that will stand out, like our beautiful Demi Statement Leather Earrings - in both brown and teal.

Lightweight Statement Leather Earrings | N&S

We’ve also expanded our offerings this season to give you more ways to make a statement, including our brand-new Go Big or Go Home Market Bag and our inspiring art prints that offer the perfect reminder day and night to live your best life.

However you wear your accessories this season, we’d love to receive your fall fashion inspiration. Tag us on social media and let us know what you’re loving from this collection and how you’re living boldly this fall.